Forest Recovery Canada (FRC) is Forests Ontario’s national division.

FRC minimizes the devastating effects of climate change by planting trees and restoring forest canopy cover and connectivity. We collaborate with organizations, municipalities, First Nations, ENGOs, corporate sponsors and donors to plant trees in areas most affected by climate change, thus improving Canada’s climate, biodiversity and the health of our people.

FRC leads tree planting initiatives to improve the future health of our forests. With our comprehensive tree planting infrastructure, we support successful, large-scale plantings across the country.

Forest Recovery Canada (FRC) supports the future of our forests through tree planting, increasing forest cover and adding connectivity between forested areas. Through partnerships with local planting organizations, municipalities, First Nations, ENGO partners and corporate sponsors, we work to minimize the devastating effects of climate change, by laying the groundwork for a national tree planting strategy. FRC is a division of Forests Ontario.

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Our Forest Restoration Process

Forest Recovery Canada and our partners oversee large-scale planting and restoration projects, carrying out the following key steps:

  • Conducting site assessments to determine the planting methods and species best suited for the site.

  • Undertaking site preparation and professional planting.

  • Returning to planting sites to conduct follow-up survival assessments, deliver appropriate care, and collect tree seeds.

The support of our partners allows FRC to offer more than just tree planting; from seed sourcing to survival assessments, we deliver a comprehensive approach to restoration that ensures the trees we plant today will grow into tomorrow’s healthy forests.

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Healthy Forests Fight Climate Change

Our Partners

At FRC, we are incredibly thankful for the support of our generous sponsors and expert planting agencies, and we’re always seeking to grow our network of dedicated partners.

If your organization is interested in helping to mitigate climate change and grow a greener, healthier future for all Canadians, join us in our forest restoration efforts. We would be happy to work with you to develop a sponsorship campaign that aligns with your sustainability goals while contributing to national climate action.

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