GreenLife Woods by DelRidge Homes

GreenLife Woods

GreenLife Woods is a tree planting program launched by DelRidge Homes to plant 140,000 trees. This equates to 317 trees being planted per condo unit built, helping to offset each unit’s carbon footprint.

The GreenLife Woods program demonstrates a commitment to the environment, and the reversal of climate change, on the part of DelRidge Homes. The have committed to continue this style of planting for every new housing development their build.



GreenLife Woods & DelRidge Homes

DelRidge Homes (“DelRidge”) is an eco-friendly, progressive home building company operating out of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

DelRidge is well-known for the developing Canada’s first Net Zero condominium projects. These projects incorporate innovations such as geothermal heating and cooling, onsite generation of electricity through solar and wind sources, and recapturing heat produced by onsite transformers.

DelRidge created their GreenLife Woods program to support the planting of 317 trees for each condo unit it builds—enough to offset emissions from the development.

GreenLife Woods and DelRidge Homes teamed up with Forest Recovery Canada (FRC) in 2016. They committed to planting 140,000 trees to assist in restoring forest cover in Ontario. Phase one of this project was carried the same year (2016) with the planting of 80,000 trees.

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