Smith + Andersen

Smith + Andersen–founded in 1965–is a an engineering consulting firm located in Toronto, Ontario. Sustainability forms a critical component of all of the firm’s projects, from site planning and energy modeling through to the facilitation of LEED certification process.



Smith+Anderson is an integrated engineering firm. Founded in Toronto in 1965, the company is best known for the creativity of their engineering designs. They are leaders in sustainable design; have a philosophy of sustainability. Progressive thinking. Strive to exceed energy standards.

Each year, Smith+Anderson and Footprint host an annual Eco Jam in downtown Toronto. This benefit rock concert highlights the musical talent hidden in the industry, as architecture, engineering, and construction leaders from across the GTA listen to their peers cover non-stop hits to a sold out house.

Every year during Earth Week, this event draws attention to the importance of trees to the construction industry.

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