Our Forests Fight Climate Change

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Canada’s forests have proven to be socially, economically, and environmentally invaluable throughout our nation’s history. As a country known for our unparalleled natural landscapes, healthy forests have been, and continue to be, the roots of growth and opportunity for Canada.

However, our forests are increasingly being challenged by the devastating effects of climate change. Drought, flooding, wildfire, invasive pests – our forests need help. In response, FRC works to ensure the health of our forests by facilitating tree planting to grow new forests and connect existing forests.

“Forest Recovery Canada is the leading non-profit organization for the delivery of high-quality, large-scale tree planting programs across Canada. We are reputable experts in developing and supporting the complex infrastructure required to ensure successful plantings that grow into healthy forests.”– Rob Keen, CEO

Large, Connected Forests = Healthy Forests

Newly planted sites support greater connectivity between forested areas

Did you know that large, healthy forests are most effective at fighting climate change?

Forests absorb carbon, reduce flooding, and provide climate-cooling benefits. By planting trees to increase canopy cover and connect existing forested areas, we can be proactive in our fight against climate change.

Further, by planting in ecologically significant areas and rehabilitating sites affected by invasive species, droughts, wildfires, and floods, we can mitigate climate change impacts and enhance resiliency.

Did you know that the health of our forests and our own wealth and wellbeing are intertwined?

Healthy Forests = Healthy People

When forests thrive, so do our communities, economy, and health. By planting trees to restore forested area across Canada, we are also increasing the overall health of our environment and people.

Canada has

  • 347 million

    Hectares of Forest

which equals

  • 9%

    of the world’s forests

  • 318

    billion trees

  • 8,953

    trees per person

About Forests Ontario

The voice of our forests

Forest Recovery Canada was formed in 2011 in response to increasing concerns regarding climate change. FRC is a division of Forests Ontario.

Forests Ontario is a not-profit charity dedicated to re-greening the province through the support of forest restoration, stewardship, education and awareness. We promote Canada’s greatest natural resource – our forests – because healthy forests sustain healthy communities and healthy economies.

Forests Ontario is the voice of our forests.

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